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When people talk about anti-aging concerns and facial sculpting, there is a tendency to focus on the mid-face, where wrinkles and skin laxity are most prominent. But the visible signs of aging can be seen anywhere on the face, including the jawline. Our staff understand that dermal fillers can be used on every area of the face. Jawline filler in Israel is one of the best non-surgical options to enhance your overall appearance.


What Is Jawline Filler?


Jawline filler is a specialized use of dermal filler for the primary purpose of enhancing the shape and the jawline. Using a dermal filler on the jawline can accomplish many tasks, including softening the appearance of jowls, sharpening the jawline and chin, and refining the overall shape of the face. A jawline filler can both restore a more youthful appearance and augment the shape of the face to enhance your natural beauty.


How Does This Treatment Work?


Like any other dermal filler treatment, a jawline filler is a non-surgical treatment that is performed by injecting a dermal filler into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. A dermal filler in this area can plump the skin and diminish other visible signs of aging. For contouring the jawline, it’s important that a skilled professional with a clear vision is performing the treatment.


One of the most important parts of this treatment is setting a clear goal for your appearance so that you can achieve your desired aesthetic. Overall, the goal of this treatment is to contour the jawline and chin area to refine your facial features in a natural-looking way, so the emphasis on this treatment will be to create a subtle subliminal difference that will help you look healthier and younger.

Jawline Injections

What Are Your Filler Options?


Almost any dermal filler can be used to contour the shape of the jawline, although the type of filler used for your treatment will depend on your treatment goals. The best dermal fillers for this treatment are made with hyaluronic acid since this will increase skin volume through natural collagen production. Some fillers are specifically designed for the jawline, such as specific Juvederm variants. We will use the filler that is most appropriate for your aesthetic goals.


What Should You Do Before and After Treatment?


There are some things you will need to do before and after your treatment to ensure that your jawline filler is successful and produces the results you want. For example, before your treatment you should discontinue the use of any blood-thinning medications or supplements, such as aspirin or vitamin E, to reduce any bleeding or bruising from the treatment.


After your treatment, you should not touch or rub any of the treatment areas, as this may disturb the distribution of the filler. For the first 24 to 84 hours, you may need to sleep on your back to reduce the risk of disturbing the filler. You should avoid skin irritants and environments that may cause swelling, such as hot tubs, hot showers, saunas, strenuous exercise, or direct unprotected sunlight, including tanning beds.


Why Should You Consider Jawline Filler?


Using a dermal filler on the jawline may be something of a novel concept. Dermal fillers are typically used on the mid-face, but using a dermal filler for the jawline can produce beneficial effects for your overall appearance. Some reasons you may want to consider jawline filler in Israel include:


Sharpen Jawline and Chin


The primary purpose of this treatment is to sharpen the jawline and the chin. The advantage of sharpening the appearance of your lower face is that it will alter your face shape to balance out your cheeks and cheekbones, make your overall appearance more healthy, and help you achieve current beauty standards. But another reason to sharpen the jawline and the chin is to diminish any skin laxity on the cheeks and neck, which can also help you look younger.

Refine Face Shape

This treatment can refine the shape of your face to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. All people are born with specific face shapes – such as oval or triangle – but the shape of your face may change over time, or the standard of beauty may shift. One of the core standards of ideal feminine beauty is a gentle, refined jawline and a triangular chin: something that can be achieved with skillful jawline filler treatment.


Refining the balance of your face can create facial symmetry that can elevate your overall appearance. In fact, focusing on refining the shape of your face through augmenting the jawline is a good option for men as well, particularly those who want to strengthen the shape of their face to appear more masculine.

Improve Double Chins

A double chin is caused by both excess submental fat under the chin and a moderate amount of skin laxity on the neck. When you contour the shape of your jawline and chin, you can improve the appearance of a double chin to make it less noticeable. Improving the appearance of a double chin will help you look more youthful and healthier, particularly if you combine this treatment with a fat reducing injectable treatment like Kybella.


Who Are Good Candidates?


If you are a good candidate for a dermal filler or have used dermal fillers in the past, you are likely also a good candidate for this treatment. Both women and men over the age of 21 are typically qualified for this treatment. You are most likely a good candidate if you want to augment your face shape, strengthen your jawline, or sharpen your chin. A consultation will determine your eligibility for this treatment.


Enhance Your Appearance WIth Jawline Filler in Israel


Jawline fille in Israel is a good treatment option for most people who want to improve their overall appearance and achieve their personal standard of female or male beauty. With the right dermal filler treatment, such as Juvederm, you can refine your jawline and enhance your beauty. 

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